Hit Makers Club

Have you ever wondered why a song is a hit?


Have you heard an interesting sound in a song and din’t know how to get it?


Do you have a question about recording, mixing or production that you can’t get answered?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, then my Hit Makers Club is for you.

I’m Bobby Owsinski, mixer, producer, and author of 23 best-selling books on music, recording and the music business (including The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook, Music Producer’s Handbook and Music 4.0: A Survival Guide For Making Music In The Internet Age), as well the creator of online courses like 101 Mixing Tricks and the Music Producer Formula. Recently I also produced and mixed a #2 album on the Billboard blues charts, and a #6 on the iTunes rock charts.

I created the Hit Makers Club because I knew that so many musicians, engineers, producers and songwriters had questions about recording and mixing that they just couldn’t get answered. Even if you could find an answer, it would take a long time and a string of Google searches to find it, which meant a lot less time left for actual creating.

That won’t happen when you’re a member of the Hit Makers Club, though. It’s designed to get your recording, mixing and production questions answered fast thanks to our powerful online community and the monthly Q&A webinars.

And that’s not all! The Mixing Workshop Webinars show a new mixing technique every month that you’ll be able to use immediately on your next mix. And we’ll also take an x-ray look inside a hit song that you suggest, every month with our Deconstructed Hits Webinars. When you know how the hits are built, then you have a better chance of sounding like them.

I want to show you some of the secret techniques used by A-list mixers, show you exactly how hit songs are built, and get you the information you need about anything that has to do with recording or mixing fast. That’s why it’s called the Hit Makers Club. I want you to have hits, or at least have mixes so good they could be hits.

I want you to feel the confidence that comes with knowing that the gap between you and the experts is no longer as big as you thought.

Hit Makers Club Components

Let’s look deeper into the different components that make up the Hit Makers Club.

Component #1: The Private Facebook Group

 Benefit From The Powerful

HMC Community

One of the best things about the Hit Makers Club is that it gives you access to the exclusive and private Hit Makers Club Facebook group. Questions about mixing techniques, plugins, DAWs, recording, production and the music business are posed and answered on a daily basis, thanks to the widespread experience from the group. It’s like having the mentor you never had. Even better, it’s the equivalent of hundreds of mentors in one place!

Get Help Fast

Within the HMC community there are hundreds of producers, engineers, mixers, and musicians with a wide range of studio experience. They provide a diverse cross-section of skills and musical genre. Whatever your problem, chances are that Bobby or someone else has already dealt with it.

Stay On Top Of Industry Changes

Things change fast in the music business both from a technical and a business standpoint. The Hit Makers Club will make sure that you’re aware of the latest advances, newest plugins, DAWs and hardware, and music business transformations that affect how you make music, regardless of your skill level or whether you’re a pro or hobbyist.

Component #2: The Monthly Mixing Workshop Webinar

Another thing that sets a Hit Makers Club membership apart from any other program is the monthly webinars available only to HMC members.

First of all, you’ll get invites to the monthly Mixing Workshop Webinars, which are designed to get you up to speed on both new and tried and tested mixing techniques that you might not be aware of.

Some of the very cool past Mixing Workshop Webinars include:

  • Using Multi-band Compression
  • Mixing With Pink Noise
  • Flat Fader Mixing
  • Doing Your Own Mastering
  • The Andy Johns Mixing Method
  • and many more

Every Mixing Workshop Webinar is recorded and available for playback on the Hit Makers Club site in case you can’t make the live event! And you can always listen back to all the previous webinars of the past as well!

Component #3: The Monthly Deconstructed Hits Webinar

You’ll also get invites to the Deconstructed Hits Webinars. This monthly webinar takes an inside look at how hit songs are built, looking at the arrangement, the production, the mix, and all the interesting elements and ear candy that you might have never heard before, but make a big difference in keeping the song fresh and interesting as its played back.

What’s more, we analyze a well-known hit that you suggest. Of course, it’s recorded so you can watch the replay later if you can’t attend the live webinar. Some past Deconstructed Hits Webinars include:

  • Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”
  • AC/DC “Back In Black”


Component #4: The Monthly Q&A Webinar

And you’ll also receive an invite to the monthly Q&A Webinars too. Here’s your chance to get the answer to that burning problem that’s holding you back. And you’re not limited to questions on mixing either. Any music related question (even marketing your music with social media) will get you a helpful answer.

REMEMBER – You’ll always have access to replays of the webinars. You may not be able to make the live webinars, but there’s always a recording to refer back to later. In fact, check out all of them in the archive when you sign up.

Component #5: Alerts To New Blog Posts, Podcasts, And Live Events

Whenever there’s something that you might find helpful for your next project, I’ll be sure that you’re notified. This includes immediately useful how-to blog posts from my production and music industry blogs, podcasts with industry mover and shakers, a newsletter, and live events.


For a short time, you’ll also get access to the Core Training Module, which includes:

  • The Mixing Engineer’s Checklist eBook
  • Self-Mastering Secrets eBook
  • The Producer’s Guide To Mixing eBook
  • 6 Trouble Frequency Areas That Can Ruin Your Mix download
  • 5 Alternative Plugins You Won’t Be Able To Live Without download
  • 6 Cheap Recording Alternatives You Won’t Be Able To Record Without download

What HMC Subscribers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me. Let HMC subscribers do the talking!

“I’ve applied a lot of what I’ve learned from you and from what I’ve learned from the others who share their experiences also. I guess you could say your Mix Tricks and Hit Makers Club have been a great success for me in what I’ve gained in new business. People/bands like what I’m doing and call it “professional sounding”. I just can’t buy that kind of critique and the confidence that adds to what I’m trying to do here. You’ve been extremely big part of the gains I’ve made in knowledge through your books and interactions. Man, I owe you a big “Thank you” for all your help.”

Oz Amaro

“There are many things that I appreciate about the Hit Makers Club, but I think the most important is that you are teaching things that are not being taught by other providers. I love the way  you explain things and make things clear to understand. I wish I could have found this program a lot sooner ( I spent a lot of money buying other programs only to find out they were all teaching the same thing ).Thank you for bringing new fresh content to the rest of us.”

Luis Diaz

I just wanted to say “THANKS!” A smart person can actually use your industry contributions as a full-time education beyond a master degree of any college i know of. James Sande

“I’m thrilled with The Hit Makers Club. The webinars and courses I’ve seen so far to be super informative and helpful and good use of time. I can say without a doubt that, already, you’ve made me a better mixer, and I’m applying what I’ve learned from you.”   

Buddy Gill

“I am enjoying the HMC! Since its inception I have learned from you and other members! It’s nice to have such a varied group of people who have a gamut of experience and expertise! I love the fact that I can reach out and touch someone when I have a problem with my production. Someone will either give me the answers I seek or guide me to a place where I can get what I need. Everyone appears to be dead serious about making the best music they can possibly make and they are willing to help others do the same! Congrats to you Bobby for starting a club that will produce many, many hits real soon!”

Sidney Thurman

The HMC is a fantastic resource. To me it is more of a community where aspiring engineers and producers can share knowledge, ask questions and it’s administered by Bobby Owsinski, who’s industry experience speaks for itself. I am impressed with Bobby’s short response time, encouragement and engagement with us all. If you really want a dynamic learning and sharing atmosphere, HMC has been well worth it for me.

Greg Kosic

“HMC is good for me because I get helpful tips from people asking questions and getting answers. It’s like cutting edge and I feel it puts me right there in present time with changes in the industry and new innovations in mixing.

Lawrence Lynn

“No BS, your life-long treasure of knowledge is very special. I find your method of teaching is embedded in the theory and deep understanding of why things work the way they do, and constantly tying things to real-life examples that is priceless. It’s made my mixes significantly better.

Itzhak Yaron

“I only have positive things to say! I am so grateful that I found you and your program. You’ve taken my music to a much higher level and it wouldn’t have happened without The Hit Makers Club.”

Jennifer Muhawi

“Your videos have re shaped the way I mix. I “was” first a producer and secondly a mixing engineer BUT I am now respected through my circuit as a true engineer and I’m making money. I’m actually making money! This is a direct result because I applied your technical teachings from your vids with my current ability to produce. You allowed me on the Hit Makers Club to ask questions to specific needs that I had regrading mixing and mastering. I received true legitimate feedback from YOU and other professionals which most of the time I feel had much more knowledge of the industry than me. I’ve grown more in 6 months than I have in 6 years. Seriously Bobby, thank you!”

Paul Sofsky

“I believe your vision for HMC is a combination of cutting edge and contemporary but most importantly, timeless engineering  principles that focus on good fundamentals, and as you tell me “Use  your ears not your eyes”  I am and will continue to use all your teaching resources and look forward to many more in the future.”

Matthew Bowe

“I applied 3 of your mixing tricks with complete success!!! i was so excited! Reverbs that dialed right in, and some great use of filters, creating really cool mixing landscapes. It’s really been the best nuggets of advise and steered me in really great new directions!!

Jon Reddish

“This is the best presented tutorial I’ve ever watched. You are full of information and easy to listen to. No side stories that always get in the way like many other tutorials I have watched. I give your presentation an A+.Gil Gillis

Seriously, there are a hundred more comments just like this.

Become a member today and start taking your mixes to the next level.

You may still have some questions, so here are the FAQs

What exactly is the Hit Makers Club?
The Hit Makers Club is a way for you to access all my knowledge and experience in one place. You get access to all of my courses, get invitations to participate in workshops, Q&A webinars and master classes, have access a set of Core Training Materials, and get notifications when blogs or podcasts that you might find interesting and useful are posted. Plus you get access to the fantastic HMC community, which is worth the price all by itself.
What are the Core Training Materials?

These are materials and perks that every Hit Maker Club member receives, including a variety of useful mixing, production and mastering ebooks, downloadable cheat sheets and PDFs, live event discounts, the exclusive monthly newsletter, and weekly podcast and blog post notifications.

What’s about the private Facebook Group?

The private Facebook group is only for members of the Hit Makers club. It’s an extremely active and helpful community that allows you to ask questions, search out answers, and help others who are like you. It is not available to outside Facebook users – only to Hit Maker Club members.

What if I can’t make a live webinar?

All Q&A and workshop webinars are recorded and a replay is made available within 24 hours. A full replay complete with the chat can be accessed via a link that will be automatically sent to you as soon as it becomes available. Otherwise, it will be posted on a dedicated portion of the Hit Makers Club website, which can be accessed any time via your dashboard.

What is the Monthly Q&A webinar?

It’s a webinar just for you to ask any question about music, the music business, recording, mixing or production. You can ask a question by sending me an email beforehand, or ask in the chat room during the webinar.

What is the Monthly Workshop?

The monthly Workshop is a monthly webinar that provides a step by step guide on a specific recording, mixing or production topic. There’s also a Q&A period at the end that lasts about 30 minutes.

Is there a free trial?

At this time there isn’t, but you can cancel your account at the end of the month and you’ll no longer be charged.

Can I change my tier or cancel my account later?

Yes, you can change your tier at any time or cancel your account. If you decide to cancel then your credit card will no longer be charged after the end of the current month.

Do I have to commit to a long contract?

No way, unless you want to save some money. You can sign up for a month to month subscription, or get 2 free months on the annual plan.

What type of payments do you accept?

Any type of credit card is accepted via Stripe, or you can subscribe via Paypal.

Is there a price break for an annual plan?

Absolutely. You get up to 33% off the regular monthly price if you sign up for the year.

Are there live events too?
Yes, and you’ll get a special invite and discount for being a club member!
What's up with the blog posts and podcasts?

I have two blogs that have been running for over 6 years and have almost 5,000 posts between them. My Music Production blog posts every weekday about new gear, production tips and tricks, industry news and isolated tracks from hits (a fan favorite). It’s been named among the top 10 music blogs multiple times.

I post on my Music 3.0 blog 4 times a week about music business news, social media as it pertains to music, music business techniques and tips, and a Friday Music Business Roundup post. It’s also been named as one of the best music blogs multiple times.

My Inner Circle Podcast features interviews with producers, engineers, mixers, manufacturers and music biz execs, along with some quick music industry news updates. The weekly podcast is now in its 4th year.

You can check these out on your own and subscribe directly, or receive the weekly post updates as part of your Hit Maker Club membership.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.